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I am new to the Oncology/Hematology specialty. Are there any books or online courses anyone would recommend?

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Hi Cindy,
Have you checked with your local chapter to see if there are any 'mentors' available who you might be able to call upon. I work in Hemonc practice and was fortunate that my Coding Manager, who has been coding for the practice for 20+ years, was and is my mentor. Every day I learn something new and gain more experience in the field. Good luck to you. Barb Angell, Orlando, FL.
Jill CPC-H

The CHONC study guide is an excellent resource, even if you don't plan on taking the specialty certification exam. I have also found that many of the webinars that AAPC puts out dealing with infusions is helpful as well.
Thank you all for your suggestions. I have ordered the AAPC's CHONC and plan on ordering the CSI Navigator next.

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i found that the Ingenix Oncology/Hematology Companion is very helpful it has comprehensive illustrated guides to coding and reimbursement, also the Coders Dictionary
lots of diagrams so you can understand were and what they are talking about