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Can someone who has done pain management billing please contact me? My docs are interested in doing pain management and I am not sure of the particulars. Thanks.

You can email me at

Anesthesia for Pain

I work at Pinnacle Partners in Medicine in Dallas, Texas. We have the Pain doctors separate from the Anesthesia doctors. So, if your doctors are just doing pain management I would think that it would be a credentialing issue first of all. Anyway, if you need any more help, have one of your doctor's call
the company where I work. 972-715-000 and ask the director of Pain Management. Maybe you can get a better answer from them that I can give you.
Janie Van Noy.
Pain Management

I would like some information on pain management. I have a CRNA that is interested in doing pain management but we are not quite sure what she is allowed to do and bill for as a CRNA. Please help????? :confused: