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Ok, I work for a large organization of providers. We do not have our own hospital, however, we do have a contract with the hospital to let our providers go and see our patients at the hospital, however, they are paid by our organization, not the hospital. But since it is not our facility, we do not have our EHR system at the hospital either. So, if a child is born in the hospital, our physician sees the baby in the hospital (mind you they are only seeing our members, not just anyone who comes through), the baby is released to go home from the hospital w instructions to follow up in the clinic. When first seen in the clinic setting is it a new patient (as it is the first time documented within that setting and within the EHR system) or is it establsihed as they were seen by a provider within the same organization? I am leaning towards established, but would like an opinion..
Im going with established because the provider already saw the patient in the hospital
I would say established. They have already seen that child in the hospital. I believe if they see the patient anytime in a 3 yr period, even if at another clinic it would be considered an established patient.
perfect! that is what I was thinking also but wanted to get other opinions.