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It is my understanding that circs done within the 48/96 timeframe are billed under the moms insurance number using "baby boy" ie Smith as the patient. Can someone please confirm? Also, dx of phimosis. Thanks!
This maybe true for Hospital Billing--UB04 form.

As for the Physician Billing baby must be added on the parent's plan and must have a name that's not baby boy.

It is ok to use "Baby Boy" or Baby Girl" for Government plans, ex..Medicaid, Peach State, Wellcare, Amerigroup because Baby will have his/her own id numbers.

If you have any further questions, please reply to Thread.
Do you have any success billing a consult in addition to the circ, the provider is an OB/GYN.. any thoughts would be appreciated..

A consultation for what problem, and requested by whom? I believe in routine situations a consultation could not be supported. Since a circumcision is a minor procedure, the evaluation and decision to do the procedure is considered inclusive. A consultation is not appropriate to bill unless there is a separate problem being evaluated, and which would also need to meet the definitions of a consultation, i.e. with a request initiated by another physician, etc.