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A newborn baby boy was seen on the second day in the morning, had circumcision and was discharge in the afternoon on the same day at the hospital. Do you code ICD v30.00; v50.2 and CPT 99238-25 (discharge) and 54150 or 90462-25(subsequent visit) and 54150? Please help!!! :confused:
I t depends on the services provided. If they did the Initial face-to-face on day 2 for evaluation and management, did the circ that day, then discharged that day I believe you want to report:
99463-25 with your V30__ code
54150 with V50.2
Newborn Infusion

Could anyone answer this question as far as newborn charges?? If a newborn is an inpatient and on the day of discharge is given an infusion by the nurse with an order from the physician, without the physician's presence, can this infusion service be separately billed? Does the physician have to be present on the day of discharge to bill this service?
Any help you can provide would really be appreciated!!
Infusion for newborn

I'm assuming you mean that the baby is still inpatient when receiving the infusion?
That service is billed by the facility, NOT the physician.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC