Newly Hired Auditor - What To Study/Learn?


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I was recently promoted to an auditor with my organization. Other than the OIG Work Plan, what other documents and/or books should I read to get up to speed on what is important in auditing for 2018? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and advice.

Thank you.
Congratulations! I was just promoted too.

I purchased the CPMA study guide last year during the Black Friday sale, just before I took the CPMA exam, and it contains a lot of great info.

I am looking into taking my CPMA, if you no longer want the study guide, I can purchase it, I can not afford the 80.00 right now for a new one. If interested contact Elizabethc4@
Focus Areas for Auditors

A few ideas to get you going:
  • CMS's Targeted Probe and Educate topics (check with your MAC)
  • Older OIG work plans as studies often turn into interest
  • New processes or services lines within your organization
  • High medical decision making within any E/M coding set
  • Modifier 59; Modifier 50 w/ appropriate ICD-10 codes
  • Specificity of ICD-10 usage in general (i.e., unspecified codes)
  • CERT and ZPIC focused areas
  • Policy and procedure creation/approval within your organization
  • Business associate agreements
  • Medical director contract compliance