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I work for a dermatopathology lab and have a question.
If a specimen is received and upon opening/filtering container find that no specimen/tissue is in the bottle. Is there a cpt code? I feel that since no examination or gross performed then this can't be coded for just "opening and filtering" correct? My boss is wanting to have some form of "record" and wanted me to find out if there is a cpt code for "no tissue/specimen in bottle"

88300 is gross exam only but if no tissue was actually sent then no gross would be performed. So I don't believe this is a correct code to use in this situation.

I would be greatful for any input on either the code or a way to "keep record" that no specimen was received.

Thanks coders :)

We have a no charge code we use that is only "billed to patient." Attached notes would include "no specimen found in container." This leaves a traceable record of the encounter with explanation of disposition.
How can you bill the patient if there is no specimen? I say if there is noting to look at then no work was performed, if no work is performed then there can be no charge. I would keep a record in house with some type of provider notification file that shows the provider was informed there was no specimen to review.