Nocturia vs. Nocturnal Polyuria

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A patient has a DX of nocturnal polyuria and there is some debate of how it should be coded. The patient was able to provide a 24 hour urine diary. The patient wakes up more than three times per night. Patient's urine production at night exceeds one-third of 24 hour urine volume. According to ICD-10-CM, "Polyuria, nocturnal" is R35.1 in the alpha index. When you go to the tabular list, it is the same code for "Nocturia". Should this be coded as R35.1 or "Other Polyuria", R35.8? When I looked up the DX on, it was listed as R35.81, but there is no such code.

Any help and insight would be helpful.


True Blue
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If the Alphabetic index directs you to a specific code, that's what you should use - you would only change to another code if the Tabular List directs you to a more specific selection, or if an instructional note requires you to code elsewhere.

Since 'Polyuria, nocturnal' already directs you to a specific code, there would be no reason to change this to the less specific 'Other Polyuria' code. R35.1 is correct here.