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Can you nominate a member to become a Fellow. I have a very special friend who is a CPC and CCC. She is someone who is a mentor and takes the time to explain procedures, guidelines, use of modifiers, why procedures are done, etc. As a mentor, she explained to me many aspects of cardiology coding in such a way that I was able to figure out the code and why to use the code. She pushed me to take the CPC even when I wasn't ready just to get the experience of the test and this opened a whole new world to me. After 3 attempts I am now a CPC. My life has changed and is all about coding just like hers.

Her expertise is in Cardiology, however, she has experience in all aspects of coding as well as medical billing. She works closely with the providers and querys them often when reports are not clear. She also works closely with the CEO to run reports by provider to ensure proper coding is taking place, i.e. level of E/M coding. This is an important issue in this practice and is monitored closely.

She also attends chapter meetings, attends CMS webninars as well as CCO webinars and obtains CEU'S from AAPC courses.

She credentials doctors for hospitals and and insurance companies. She also works closely with insurance companies to ensure proper payment are being made on all claims.

I can't tell you enough about her but I would like to nominate her to become a Fellow of this organization. She is totally dedicated to AAPC and her profession. She never stops working. She is always reading to keep up with new coding procedures, billing procedures, and ways to improve the practice she works for. She eats and breaths coding!!!

Her name is Leslie Schuldt, CPC, CCC. If I need to write more or if I can't nominate her, please tell me how she can get recognition for her dedication to this field.

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem & smarter that you think" Winnie the Pooh

This is the saying on the plaque she gave me when I started coding cardiology and studying for the CPC. She is a sincere, honest and a genuine person. She deserves to be recognized and to be a Fellow of this organization.

Many thanks,

Jane Larmore, CPC
Just looking for an answer as to whether another member of AAPC can nominate a member


Just looking for an answer to my previous post. I would this person to be considered for a Fellow and don't know exactly how to go about it.

Many thanks,

Jane Larmore, CPC
I don't think you can nominate someone. I believe each person that meets the qualifications has to apply for the recognition.