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Hello, When a provider provides services to the patients family, because the patient is not capable of physcially coming into the office to meet with the physician regarding his/her case because of mental retardation... Can we bill for that service. The doctor spent a long period of time with the family discussing the patients diagnosis and treatment to move forward with chemotherapy. The cpt book states that Counseling and/or coordination of care, .... consistent with the nature of the problem and the patients and/or family's needs.. also states physician typically spends time face-to-face with that patient AND/OR family????

any input would be greatly appreciated.. thank you
our policy is to have the provider document time spent in counseling and bill an E/M visit, however we have to bill it to whoever was present (i know this has always seemed strange to me, but it gets billed to the person that was in the, parent, son, caregiver) and then we generally use a counseling dx code v65.19

hope that helps