Wiki Non-Medicare equivalent to HCPCS G9018?


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I must be going about this the wrong way? For Zanamivir (inhalation powder), all I can find is the G9018, G9034 for Medicare-approved demonstration products) and our patient is not Medicare. HCPCS states that this is carrier specific, and guess a phone call to the carrier will be the next step. Beyond that, what is the best way to map the HCPCS code to another code that a commercial carrier might accept? The diagnosis is 487.1 "influenza (caused by unspecified influenza virus) with other respiratory manifestations."
---Suzanne E. Byrum CPC
THANK YOU for your response. I was looking at Anthem's guidelines for this code whereby instructed use the Non-classified or unspecified code category so was looking at J3490, J3590 for the Zanamivir. Thanks for pointing out the 99070. Thanks Don't know why I forgot that one!!! ---Suzanne