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Our general surgery practice would like to hire a PA or nurse practitioner in the near future. It would be most helpful if some of you could share ways that these practitioners are best utilized in a surgical practice. Our physicians are thinking mostly of using this person as a surgical assist. Your experience and any other tips you have concerning billing, scheduling, supervising, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
Hello, We hired a ARNP about a year and a half ago. We are a 4 surgeon practice. We utilize him in OR for all of our assits. we have 3 offices and he sees patients 3 days a week mostly preops and postops but it frees up the surgeons schedule to see more patients.
I credentialed him with mostly all payers including Medicare. He's able to cover call for the hospitals. Hes able to cover the MD's while away. it has help us significantly. we only have one doctors at a time in each office so "incident to guidelines never apply to us" . If our ARNP sees the patient we bill out under NP's provider number.

Hope this helps and if you would any other ifo feel fre to call or email me.