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:confused:I am curious if there is a time limit for which physicians/providers can sign off on their progress notes/lab & rad results that are in their 'review bin'.. I've read the cms signature guidelines, but there is no mention of a certain window of time..
Is there a recommended limit? or is it just based on the carriers timely filing period? I am looking for any links or suggestions..
We have an issue with excessive time between visits and signatures..usually done by timely filing standards, but long enough to hang up billing/reimbursement and enough that administration is asking me to look into it..
yes and no..1st visits/procedures, etc.. They are held by a coder until documentation is complete, once complete they are charged, if not documented after 30 days from DOS they are no charged.. But my boss is looking for me to find something that shows a certain amount of time given to sign off.. by someone 'official' cms, trailblazer, etc..

the no to my answer- lab and xray are done by an outside provider and are sent to the doctors review bin..(we are EMR) and some doctors haven't signed off on THOUSANDS of results..they are billed by the outside providers, so it doesn't effect affect our revenue.. and even though the docs are most likely going another way to view them other than the review bin (I assume) they still sit there, for years, without evidence of physician acknowlegment.. some critical even..