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Hey everyone- our awesome NP is about to go on Maternity leave (state of MN) and we're going to bring in a recent grad who has been practicing for 1 year, but is not credentialed with our clinic to cover for the leave. I've looked at Locums Tenens and thought that might be what we would use in place- but does anyone have any insight or experience with this? I know it says they're only allowed to bill for 60 days thru state rules, but there may be the possibility of hiring her on as well after our original NP is back, as our clinic is expanding. Any insight would be very helpful on how to bill and navigate insurance contracts with this upcoming change- thank you!
Stop whatever else you are doing and immediately start credentialing. IMMEDIATELY.
Locum tenens is for physicians only. NPs cannot use LT. Let me find some other posts I've had about the subject.