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Hi, I have a question from my provider I need help answering this, can someone help? The Ophthalmologist will be doing the interpretation and report and Optometry technicians would be doing the test. Can I append the TC and 26 Modifiers accordingly for 92133?

I was told by PASBA previously that a Tech can't bill for this code globally.

This is the providers question.
"How do my techs code for doing an OCT for the ophthalmology department? The
new doctor in ophthalmology is sending patients to the Optometry
Clinic to get an OCT performed. I tried in the past having my techs use the
92133 code with technical component, but you told me I couldn't do this.
Now that this is happening I need to know what to do please. My clinic
needs to get credit (RVU's) for doing this work.
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