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Pre-authorized code 67966 RT - Dx code 277.39

Surgeon replaced code to bill with: 68360 and 65780 x 2
Medical report reads:
1.Anterior Orbitotomy for removal of lesions
2.Reconstructive repair of lid with bank tarsus and amniotic membrane.

I believe the correct code to bill is 67966 - Excision and repair of eyellid, involving lid margin, tarsus... may include preparation for skin graft... over 1/4 of lid margin

Surgeon wants to bill his codes, should I bill with Op-Report?
Wrong forum

For the most accurate response to your surgical coding questions
1) post the scrubbed operative / procedure note
2) post your question in the appropriate forum (for this question, probably Plastic Surgery)

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC