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I have a physician that has been scheduling patients to come for an EGD but has not been seeing them in the office first. He has been charging for an office/outpatient visit at the same time as the EGD. Since the patient was brought to the ASC for the EGD, can we still bill for the visit? I think because the decision had already been made, we can't charge this separately...Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
I would say no if he knew ahead of time that they were there to have EGD, but is he going to establish and assume care of this patient?
He saw this patient for EGD only in 2008. The patient started having symptoms again so he was scheduled for EGD without coming into the office. I guess I need to talk to the doctor to see if the GP decided he needed the EGD or who made the decision for the procedure...
I would definitely query the physician. But I would say no that he cannot bill a visit on the same say.