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We have been doing Essures and Hyst/D & C-Thermo -choice ablation in the office. We have been charging for the Essure - 58565 a procedure and device A4264, and now my doc comes to me and asks me about a device for the 58563, hyst d & c, Ablation, he says its a disposal device.
Has anyone heard of this??????? HELP

Chris Rubich, CPC
I have not, but if you ask what the name of the device is, and who makes it, you can usually find good detail on the manufacturer's website. Sometimes they will give a CPT code! At least you will be able to use the code as a beginning point. :)
Hta device

There is a code but the insurance do not pay this separately, they deny as globed to the 58563.
Could your provider be referring to the insertable catheter? I found this from Aetna insurance. C1886 is mentioned as a possible HCPCS code. I do not know much about it or if it is reimburseable but if you could get further specification from the provider this might fit.

The table with the codes is towards the bottom of the article.

Hope that helps!
Amanda Kane, CPC, COBGC