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:confused:The surgeon removed the gallbladder then:
Peritoneoscopy after the cholecystectomy showed a whitish 2-3 cm omental implant in the greater omentum. This was resected distal to clips with laparoscope, guidance and excised and sent separately as a biopsy.
My question is can I code for this procedure along with 47562 and if so, what code should I use? Op notes also indicate that the liver funchtion tests were normal and therefore cholangiogram was not preformed.
Thanks so much for your response. Here is what the path said:
B. Omental lesion, biopsy: Benign hyalinized fibrotic nodule with
calcification, not further classified; no evidence of malignancy.
B. The specimen is labeled "Omentum lesion" and there is a frayed
yellow-tan to red-gray soft tissue fragment which is 1.5 x 0.6 x 0.5 cm.
Totally submitted in one cassette.
Thanks so much. Do you know anything about hand assisted laparoscopic right colectomy? I read some old inquiries but nothing definitive on the coding of this procedure.