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Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone has experience coding OMT's and E/M's on the same date of service. What is considered the 'usual preservice and postservice work' for OMT's? (as stated in CPT)

What if the DO is checking sensory and motor functions, as well as deep tendon reflexes (for the same diagnosis as the OMT) before the OMT is performed? Does this constitute a significant separately identifiable E/M service?

Thank you for any clarification.

Jenny Lynn, CPC
Barbara Sabourin, CPC, CPMA

Does anyone have knowlege of which is the correct date of service to bill with E/M code when the patient comes in before midnight on one date and the e/m is not completed until the next calendar day. For example the patient comes into the hospital for admission and 11:30 PM on 1/1/2013 and the physcian does not complete his work and documetantion until 12:45 AM 1/2/2013

Thank you, Barbara