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Dartmouth, MA
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Hi, I am a brand new oncology coder, hired in January. I am not receiving any formal training but just on-line courses. I feel very frustrated about this. Can anyone please tell me what is the "normal" process for a new hire in this field? I would appreciate any feedback. thank you.

Are there any CHONCs willing to give advice? ty
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i too am "newer" to hem/onc. we just "acquired" our clinic in january and we are learning as we go! I read to get the csi navigator for hematology and oncology and i ordered the chonc exam study guide which both books gave me a lot of useful information, i now am confident in that area and am taking the certification in two weeks. this forum is also a great tool to use and the coders are happy to give assistance!

I should add that i had "hands on" training on the job the five years i took care of my father who had a rare cancer, i now work with his oncologist on the other side of the coding...i learned all there is to CHOP chemotherapy...not the training i recommend but in my case living it was a good teacher!
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