one progress note, two physicians


Manistee, MI
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I have an odd situation that I have never come across and I am hoping I can obtain some information. I code for an OBGYN group that is comprised of 3 physicians and one midwife. All share the same group NPI for billing and each progress note is signed and completed by a physician or midwife (no co-signature is needed for the midwife). The midwife recently saw a patient and performed a limited exam (new patient) and attempted to insert an IUD but had difficulties placing it. One of the physicians attempted to insert the IUD, after several attempts they were successful; however the physician created and signed the progress note and the midwife did not create a progress note at all. I am wondering how to bill this encounter? If I only bill the physician (she did insert the IUD) but did not perfrom any other elements (such as history, physical exam, etc) then the midwife will not receive any credit for her portion of the work. Has anyone come across this situation before? I am confused if the midwife needs to also create a progress note?

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