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I was told that our providers (Internal Medicine) can use the 99444 E/M code (online med eval) for the purpose of prescrition refills (V68.1). When I read the description of the E/M code this information seems to be incorrect, especially when taken the guidelines for telephone consults into consideration, where refills are a definite no-no.
My understanding is that it has pretty much the same guidelines as T-cons, plus it can only be used once in a 7 day period to summarize everything that was done by the phys since the pt initiated online contact. It seems more like a summary type of encounter that requires precise documentation such as "Patient (est) contacted me via email in regards to was last seen (more then 7 days ago & not leading up to a visit), since then I spoke with patient per telehone, refilled several of his/her prescriptions and related the findings of her/his MRI which were xxxxxx." Something to this effect...

HELP, what IS the correct way to utilize this code? :confused: