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Wallingford, CT
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so im very new to coding for our vascular surgeon and im getting something different from him on my first note-any help is appreciated

The patient was placed in supine position on the angiographic table and intravenous sedation was given. The left groin was prepped and draped in standard fashion. Under ultrasound guidance the origin of the superficial femoral artery was visualized. The subcutaneous tissue and periadventitial was anesthetized with 1% plain lidocaine. Ultrasound-guided accessed in an antegrade fashion was obtained with a 21-gauge micropuncture needle and a 0.018 guidewire was advanced down the superficial femoral artery followed by the 4 French introducer sheath. Initial angiography was then performed in confirming the access site to be in the superficial femoral artery.
Diagnostic left femoral angiography was then performed demonstrating a widely patent superficial femoral artery and the previously noted popliteal artery aneurysm. The distal popliteal artery was normal and the trifurcation also appears to be normal.
Using calibrated angiography the size and diameter of the normal popliteal artery proximal and distal to the aneurysm was calibrated. A Benson wire was then placed in the sheath was exchanged for a 7 French introducer sheath and 3000 units of intravenous heparin were given. Under roadmapping technique a Glidewire was advanced past the aneurysm into the peroneal artery followed by a quick cross catheter and wire exchange was then make for aV 18 300 cm wire. The Vaibahn 7 mm x 100 mm device was prepped. This was advanced over the indwelling O 18 wire and under roadmap was positioned with excellent 3-4 cm apposition and normal popliteal artery proximal distal to the aneurysm. The device was then deployed. It was dilated with a 7 mm x 40 mm angioplasty balloon with overlapping inflations. Final completion angiography demonstrates complete occlusion of the popliteal artery aneurysm preservation of distal runoff and collaterals above and below the graft.

He is giving me 37226 but im getting 37224,35151

any direction please? I fell so lost doing this-gimme a hernia anyday :)