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Hi everyone. I'm in need of a little help. I'm coding an OP Radiology report and the impression is "Nonspecific bowel gas pattern may represent aerophagia versus ileus" I know I can't code the "versus" dx, but do I need to code the nonspecific bowel gas pattern at all or just use the reason the test was ordered? Would it be an abnormal result? I couldn't find an "inconclusive" code that related to this. Thanks in advance for any help.
787.3 Is abdominal or intestinal gas, bloating. It's pretty non-specific. If you are not comfortable using this code, I would query the provider. Also, when I code Radiology, I don't use the results, I code based on the order. Thanks!!!:)
If you have something on the order, other than the aerophagia or ileus, I would use that. Otherwise I would uses the 787.3.