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OP to IP or Vice Versa


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If pt is admitted OP on Monday, remains OP on Tuesday, and is admitted IP on Wednesday, I understand to bill on Monday 99218-99220, Tuesday 99212-99215 and Wednesday 99221-99223. But as we know the doctor will not dictate a complete H&P on Wednesday just because patient admit status changed. Most docs only document a brief daily update on day three. So, since we cannot bill a hospital follow up visit on Wednesday such as 99231-99233, that pretty much just leaves an unlisted code 99499. Is the patient admit status to be looked at on a daily basis regardless of what time of day the status changed. For instance, if the Doc saw the patient on Wednesday when still OP status at noon but patient changed to IP status at 2 p.m.? Or is the pt for billing purposes considered IP all day on Wednesday regardless of the time that admit status took place?? :confused:

Herbie Lorona

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Pt would be considered inpatient for that entire day no matter what time the change is at! The hospital will bill that day as an inpatient!