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here is what I have come up with 29881, 29873
for the Open possibly 27422 or 27427? Or maybe way off.
thanks for all suggestions
PROCEDURE: Lateral portals established. Chondromalacia was trimmed in the medial compartment and the medial aspect of the patellofemoral joint. She had a partial posterior horn tear of the medial meniscus. It was trimmed to a stable base. Identified her previous embrocation lateral release. I revised the lateral release and improved the tracking. Small open incision over the medial femoral condyle and the adductor tubercle was made. Over a guidewire, I drilled a pinhole that was 25 mm. I secured the semitendinosus graft with a 7 x 20 mm biosphere screw. I tunneled it underneath the skin to the medial aspect of the patella. I did a full thickness approach to the medial side of the patella. Two 5 mm drill holes were made from medial to lateral. In an anatomic position, I passed the two limbs
of the semitendinosus allograft used for the medial patellofemoral reconstruction. On the lateral side, I took the sutures and sewed them down with the knee in 60 degrees of flexion and/or the anatomic position.
just me again. Still thinking that now it would be more appropriate to use 27422. Has anyone had experience with this type of surgery? Thanks.
27422 is what I use for MPFL reconstruction (dissection is carried to the vastus medialis muscle/tendon to where it attaches to the patella).

27427 is ligamnet reconstruction extra articular = iliotibial band.
27428 is ....................................intra articular = collateral or cruciate.

or 27429 for both extra AND articular. As always, operative note must justify codes.

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