Open patellar tendon debridement


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...."the tendon did not have any gross abnormality superficiality, however a longitudinal incision was performed just medial to the midline which correlated with the site of the abnormality on MRI and the tendon appeared to have significant mucoid-type degeneration in this portion. This are was sharply incised down to the bone and this was continued through out the proximal aspect of the tendon for an additional 2 to 3 cm .This entire region was excised in full thickness. The width of the tendon in this area was approximately 4 to5mm over the anterior surface, however , slight undermining over the more pathologic portion was also performed to fully remove a small portion of the distal patellar pole. This was then contoured, so that there were no sharp edges. Five small drill holes were made in the exposed bone of the distal patella in order to stimulate healing response. The wound was thoroughly irrigated..."

Should I use 27350 or unlisted ?

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