Question Opening a satellite office one day a month

Alpharetta, GA
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We are opening a satellite office one day a month but will be doing all of the billing out of our main practice. The office will be CLIA certified since we will be doing surgeries that have to have CLIA lab to do MOHS surgery. I was telling the physician that we need to notify Medicare, NPPES, PECO, CAQH, all insurance companies we are credentialed with and the malpractice insurance company. I was just making sure that this is correct that we do need to make sure we notify everyone that we will be seeing patients in this other location but we can still do the billing out of our primary location. Is there anyone else I need to notify or not notify. Thank you for any assistance in this matter.


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Yes, you need to notify all participating insurances of the additional service location, even if billing is done from another address.
It is even possible (if the satellite location is in another county) for the fee schedule to be different as well, or to have a different CMS MAC.
I don't think you need to notify NPPES as the physician will have the same NPI, unless you are creating an additional TID and business for the satellite location.
I would also notify any outside labs and vendors you use (deliveries, specimen pickup, etc).