Wiki Opinion Needed on CPB thru AAPC


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I am in the process of moving from Denver to Houston (Humble Area). I have worked for an OB/GYN office/Aging Management practice for the past 12 years doing the coding, billing, collections, and credentialing. I will be working as an Independent Contractor doing only the billing for office charges and surgery's will also be looking for another job. I am not certified, but was considering taking the CPB course and was wondering if anyone had taken this course and if they found it beneficial. I am on the fence so to speak on this and would like some advice. Thank you! :eek:
I am a CPC, CPB through AAPC, to me the the CPC is more beneficial. Because in the end your are going to have to know the front and back end of the coding in order to submit corrected claims and work appeal. I wish you the best of luck. If you have any question you can email me