optometry and ophthalmology e & m visits

jody vann

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If an Optometrist sees a patient (new) O.D. and refers the patient to Ophthalmologist M.D. for possible cataracts - and they are both in the same group.
Does the 3 year rule apply, i.e. received any professional service from the physician or another physician in a group of same specialty with last 3 years.

OD to OD = 3 year rule applies
OD to MD = 3 year rule does not apply

Optometrist and Ophthalmologist considered same specialty
They are considered to be different specialties. Even though they are in the same group with the same Tax I.D. #. I work for an EYE network we have 24 O.D.’s and 3 M.D.’s. If a patient is seeing an O.D. for the last 2 years and then is referred to an M.D. it is considered to be a new patient visit.
od to md in same group (3 years)

Thank you for your response. I wish Medicare would not list them together with a slash in all their communication! But that would make our lives a lot easier.