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I work for a group of medical oncolologists as well asnurse practitioners. The oncologists sets up the treatment plan for this patient. If the oncologist is out of the office and the nurse practitioner signs and releases the orders for that day, wouldn't the nurse practitioner be the billing provider for the treatment that day?
You're correct, if the physician supervising the care is not in the office, then the requirements for 'incident to' billing have not been met and the services must be billed with the NP's credentials. If another covering physician is present in the office, then it could be billed under that physician though.
Different questions on our nurse practitioner billing. 1. Nurse practitioner sees the patient and approves chemotherapy treatment for the date and no physician is in the office on that date. Claim should go out with the nurse practitioner as the billing provider and the patients medical oncologist physician is the referring provider, correct? 2. Nurse practitioner sees the patient and approves chemo treatment for the date and one of the other medical oncologists of the group is the office. That physician in the office would be the supervising physician and billing would go under his/her name, correct?