Osteomyelitis VS Complication


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Is there anyone out there that can give me some information. I am in the process of coding a lab with a diagnosis that is giving me some problems....

The Dx. states: Staphaures MRSA, Osteomyelitis Right Below Knee Amputation Stump.

I spoke with the Nurse this morning and she said the most recent visit the Dr. documented the Osteomyelitis as a complication of the Ampt. Site.
I am unsure as to how to properly code this, I came up with 2 different ways and ran them both through the Encoder and it still did not help... these are the 2 scenarios I came up with...

997.62 (infection amputation site) 041.11 V09.0 (MRSA) or
730.26 (osteomyelitis knee) and 041.11 V09.0 (MRSA)

any suggestions? thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!