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When a discription states other specified organism or other specified bacteria; do you NOT have to have the "specified" part of that? At least in the notes if it isn't in the ICD-10? Trying to get around the J18.9 Pneumonia, unspecified because we never get a bacterial cause of and I'm told to use J15.9 Pneumonia due to other specified bacteria. This is not what I learned is the meaning of "other specified".
J15.9 is Unspecified bacterial pneumonia
J15.8 is Pneumonia due to other specified bacteria

If its known to be bacterial and the bacteria is not documented (it must state the bacteria to use other specified) then J15.9 is the correct code. Using Other Specified is telling CDC & CMS that they need to add a more specific code for the type of bacteria the patient has. It does not mean oops I forgot to document or I have no idea what type.
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coding the causative organism

If you have a final culture report in the patient record that the provider has signed or initialed, does the organism have to be specifically stated in a progress note or DC summary before you can use a code for example for strep B infection?