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Hello. We are a CAH and have an outpatient dialysis department. One of our patients is now an inpatient (not Covid related) and needs his dialysis. We cannot transfer right now because of Covid and hospital overcrowding. I have always been told that we cannot perform outpatient dialysis on an inpatient and that it was because it is a licensing issue. Does anyone know if there are any exceptions to that rule or even if it was a rule to begin with. I think our CEO is okay with providing the dialysis to the inpatient and not get paid or get paid under the IP payment. But, can we even do it to begin with? Thank you in advance!!


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If it is a licensing issue, then that would be a rule under your state's laws and regulations regarding operation of dialysis units. I'd suggest contact the government agency that licenses dialysis clinics in the state in which your hospital is located and I'm sure they could answer this question or direct you to the specific information you're looking for here. Most likely if a dialysis operator is not licensed to perform inpatient dialysis then there will not be an exception allowed (practicing outside of the scope of a license is something that is generally pretty strictly prohibited) but it's possible that during the time of a pandemic your state government may have made some kind of provision to allow for a provider to request an emergency use authorization.
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