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Hi all,

I have not come across this before so was hoping to get some guidance.

I work for a behavioral health group practice in an outpatient setting (mainly office and telehealth). One of our LCSW's patients was admitted to the hospital due to an unrelated condition, and requested a session from our provider while still in the hospital. Although the medical condition was unrelated it exacerbated the patient's mental health state, and the provider considered it to qualify as a crisis session. It was performed in the hospital room, in person. After the session, the provider and a family member discussed the session, patient's care and the safety plan currently in place via phone. I know a typical crisis session is 90839, and the phone call adds enough time for us to bill an extended crisis session (+90840) but I've never billed for POS 21 (inpatient hospital) so I'm concerned I'm missing some inpatient/outpatient pitfalls here. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!