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I need help with ICD-9 code and CPT code. Thanks in advance

PRE OP DX: Left knee infrapatellar cyst, cutaneous

POST OP DX: Cystic degeneration of probable ruptured varix

OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: After IV sedation was given, a 3-cm lateral to medial incision was made overlying the cystic structure. Superior and inferior flaps were raised. The cystic structure was delivered into the field, and a small thrombosed vein coming into the large dilated cystic structure with an exit vein leaving was identified. Clamps were placed upon both of the inflow and outflow venous side which was transected and ligated with 4-0 Vicryl. After removing the specimen from the field, the inferior and superior flaps were mobilized and approximated across the wound with 3-0 Vicryl. Then, a 4-0 Biosyn was used to approximate the skin edges. Because of the tension across the knee area with flexion and bending, three interrupted simple 4-0 nylon sutures were placed in small retentions to take tension off the line and Steri-Strips. These sutures will be removed within four to five days for cosmetic purposes