Wiki Pacemaker/Defib Checks after PM/Defib Insertion/Battery Change

Can a PM/Defib check [routine] be billed during the 90day global after a PM/Defib insert?

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A patient has a pacemaker/defib inserted or battery/lead changed and 10 days later returns to the office for a routine follow-up visit and pacer/defib check.
The follow-up visit would be billed as a post-op 99024, as it is within the 90 day global period.
-->But what about the pacer/defib check? This would be routine, no suspected complications. Can it be billed?

Our MDs are under the impression that they can bill the device check, and have been doing so for a while - but other coders that I have asked have said that the device check is covered in the global period.
One MD in particular is adamant that they can - so I figured I would ask here, and see what a general consensus reveals.

Thank you kindly for any info regarding this.