Wiki Pain Management code 63650

From what I can see per the 2012 MCR guidelines there is a status indicator of "0" for this code which mean that LT/RT or bi-lateral status cannot be assigned. Not sure about private payers. You'd have to view their policies or call.
Pain Management 63650

Thanks for your quick response this was a Medicare patient can you send me documentation to support that or tell me where I can go to read up/get more info. Is it appropriate bill units or should this code be billed alone with no modifiers/units?
You can report as such

63650-51 additional note: Placement of Second Array

From AMA CPT Assistant Dec 2008

"....both the 63650-63660 and 64553-64581 series of codes, placement of any additional electrode catheter(s) or plate(s)/paddle(s) should be separately reported by appending either modifier 51 (same anatomic site) or modifier 59 (different anatomic site) to the appropriate code. For example, if two plates/paddles are placed, codes 64555 and 64555-51 or 64555 and 64555-59 should be reported."