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looking for billing guidance for the sacroiliac joint injection....

27096 defines injection with ct or flouroscopic guidance... Can this code be used if ultra sound guidance is used instead?

if no...would the correct codes be 20552/3 with 76942?

thank you ... your help and guidance is greatly appreciated.:)
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If you look at the CPT 2012 code -
27096 is to be used ONLY with CT or Fluoroscopic imaging confirmation of intra-articular needle positioning.
If CT or Fluoroscopic imaging is not performed use 20552.

In other words if you are not using CT or Fluoroscopic imaging, you must report it as a trigger point injection.

Also if you look at 76942 (ultrasonic guidance for needle placement) you will see it nows states you cannot report this service with 27096.

BTW - 76999 isn't an option for this service because specific codes already describe the imaging service.