Pain Management 'staged procedures'...HELP


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The physicians within our practice that perform nerve injections such as facets, SI joint injections, intra-articular hip injections just to name a few ..................

99% of the procedures performed do not have any global days attached. I understand the concept of being "staged", although I do not even have a clue as to where the new idea came to the physicians to be using the staged modifier ?? Many of the procedures are even bundled but they are thinking if one procedure is done at a surgical center and after the patient has rested a bit, then they are taken back into the surgery suite for the next procedure. The time between procedures is usually 45 minutes.

I would like to know if I am missing something or if anyone else has seen this begin with their practice. Of course speaking with the physicians does not yield a clue.

Thank you all,

Staged procedures would be done on a different date and within the global surgical period. Modifier 59 would be what you want on multiple procedures on the same date of service.