Pain Management - Ultrasound Guided Myoneural


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Would the correct coding for the below procedure be 20553, 76942, J0702, J3301 AND J1885? I appreciate any assistance on this :)

The patient was identified in the holding room. Benefits and risks of the procedure were discussed including the possibility of failure and the likelihood of repeating the block depending upon the response. Verbal and written consent was given. The patient was taken to the fluoroscopy suite and place in the prone position. Monitors were attached. Patient's mid and upper back was prepped and draped in sterile fashion with Betadine ×3. Utilizing ultrasound bilateral rhomboid major and minor as well as trapezius muscles were identified. Under ultrasound guidance the 25-gauge needle was placed into each of the above muscles mentioned. Following negative aspiration for blood or air the needle was injected with the injectate noted below. The needle was removed with tip intact time patient was allowed to recover in monitored setting for approximately 30 minutes prior to discharge home in stable condition.
Total muscle groups injected- 6
Injectate: 3mL 0.75% Bupivicaine. 5ml of 4% Lidocaine Betamethasone: 9 mg. Triamcinolone 40 mg. Ketorolac 15mg.
The total volume of injectate was administered evenly at the above noted treatment sites.