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I need to know what cpt code would be best for the below procedure please. The Physician originally wanted to code 62368 but one cpc person in our billing group thinks the best cpt code is CPT 61070 for the aspiration and injection procedure and CPT 75809-26 because he stated he did the radiological supervision and interpretation. I am adding the entire op note, please tell me what you guys think.

History: Ms. Hunter is here today. She is here for a pump check. We took her to the Spine Intervention suite, laid her on the x-ray table and accessed the peripheral port without difficulty under C-arm guidance. Subsequently accessed the peripheral port, emptied the pump tubing, aspirating 2 mL of fluid which was a spinal fluid, tested for glucose content and confirmed, then injected her with Omnipaque and observed the pump tubing from the pump to the implanted area in T4. The patient showed myelogram at the area of T4, consistent with connection to the pump. The patient's pump tubing is intact and at this point, no evidence of leakage of Omnipaque out of the tubing is noted, except where it supposed to be, which is in the spinal canal.

Treatment Plan: At this point, we will continue to use the pump as previously and may need to reevaluate the patient with pump function test and analysis.