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we need some help. patient came in for physical 99396, but came back two days later for her pap. Can we bill a 99213 with diag. v72.31 or does it have to be at the time of her actual preventive. Could you please help in this matter. I know at the time of the preventive we can code the v72.31, but I am not sure how to code it when they come back two days later.
From one payer perspective

You would not bill a V72.31 again because you are not doing another complete routine gyn exam. You would bill the V76.2, V73.81 or V76.47 depending on the type of screening you are doing.

If all you are doing is the pap you should not bill for an office visit but if you do be sure to check the guidelines for the office visits as you may find that a 99212 is more in line with the type of history, exam and MDM that is being done, if at all.

I hope this information is helpful.
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