Partial knee Arthroplasty/unicompartmental


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One of our physicians has a patient that has had a partial knee replacement ( medial). He is having problems with it and so the physician is going to do a revision to another partial knee/ unicompartmental (medial ). I have no clue what to code. Would I code it as a 27487-52 ? Patient is not in a global. The first surgery was 3 years ago. I have coded a partial to a total knee replacement before, but this is the first time I have a partial to another partial . . . . Surgery has not occurred yet, but we need to get authorization, so I need to have a code(s) to do that. I questioned whether or not he was going to a total knee replacement, and he said that is not the plan at this time. He is planning to take out the existing partial and implant another partial .
Any help or advice is very much appreciated. Please help


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What components are being replaced?

It sounds like just the medial tibial tray is going to be removed and replaced. That would be 27486. They don't do lateral only replacements, just medial.

What's not clear is if the femoral component is going to be replaced with it or remain in place.