Wiki partial labrectomy

I wonder if one could consider using the debridement codes instead of the synovectomy codes... would really need to see the operative report. :)
I am not able to scann the op note, since I only have paper copy, but the procedure that was done is; arthroscopic reapir of torn rotator cuff, subcromial decompression and partial labrectomy.

In the body of the reprot it states; "there was fraying noted at the free edge of the labrum. Therefore using a shaver and radiofrequency ablation device a partial labrectomy was performed".

Thank you
I see. I think that it would be very difficult to get payment for this on top of the R/C repair and the SAD. I don't have my complete global data set in front of me but I almost think this would be bundled into one or both of the procedures performed. You could certainly try to use the unlisted code 29999 and send in the supporting documentation, but I really don't think you would receive payment.