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I work for a derm's office, and we bill for 88305 for technical componet and the global on the same day of service.. but for different sites, on the same day, we bill 88305-tc for the technical and then we bill 88305-59 ( for the different site, seperate from the site we did the procedure on... and Humana is saying we cannot bill the global and the technical on the same day?? can anyone help me with this? thanks susan
TC is the technical component for preparing the slide for the pathologist to read. 26 is for the profesional component that the slide is already prepared and the pathologist is just reading the slide. No modifier states that it is global and the you prepared the slide as well as interpreted it. So when you bill as you have been the insurance company is seeing it as a global and that is why they are not paying it. I hope this helps
Since you perform both the professional and technical have you tried billing units as "2" for the multiple sites?