Pathology Immunohistochemistry PD-L1 (immunohistochemistry clone 22C3)

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The PD-L1 companion diagnostic test for Keytruda (immunohistochemistry clone 22C3) is interpreted using a Tumor Proportion Score (TPS); however, the result that is rendered is qualitative and the package insert from Dako indicates that this is a “qualitative” test. With this logic, our institution has been using CPT 88342, but we’re wondering what others are doing, as 88360 certainly feels more accurate for the work that goes into this interpretation as well as the fact that we are also reporting the TPS on the reports. Our quandary also lies in the fact that if we change the code to 88360, we would need to update our interpretive data which would stray from the vendor’s package insert. Is anyone else doing this? Any guidance or input is welcome.