PCS Code For Debridement

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Hello Guys, I am bit confused to code Debridement procedure in PCS. If Provider done debridement on Neck till depth of subcutaneous layer, During selection in 3M option of subcutaneous and fascia in that neck is available and also top to that in General body regions also choice of Neck is available. My doubt when we have to look in to this General body regions . Thank you.


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If you have access to coding clinic read Third Quarter 2015, pp. 3–8

First of all you need to know what the purpose is to see if its ever reported separately. If the debridement is integral to another procedure you would not code it separately

You also need to know is this Excisional or Non-excisional debridement

If Excisional use Root Operation Excision
If Non-Excisional use root Operation Extraction

Under both root operations there is a Subcutaneous Tissue and Fascia so you would not need to go to the General body regions

Neck is an option under SubQ and Fascia. You also need to know if its anterior or posterior

Anterior 0JB4---
Posterior 0JB5---

The general anatomic area you are seeing is for deeper than Muscle