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My office is sponsoring a standardized program for Obesity. We will be having physicians, residents and a nutritionist from the hospital coming to the site to help these kids and their families. I have been asked to code for this project. I am grateful for the opportunity and a little daunted by the task.

What is your input?
The office I work at is currently trying to start up an Obesity program as well. Can you tell me what codes you are using? We will have our physicians and nutritionists from hospital involved. Thanks for your help.
the nutritionist ofc is coding their own part of it.

we are using 96150-96154 as appropriate. Just make sure to use V codes stating the BMI in conjunction w/ 278.00-278.02 codes.

Make sure to check with you local MA as you may have a minimun of 2 units - so it would be 96150-1 x2 for example. and also with MA you have to use the appropriate modifiers of U3,TJ.

it is a little confusing. I have some info if you private msg me your fax I can send it out to you.

Tell your DRs this will be more for a noble cause, not high reimbursement.